Chinese elm(Ulmus parvifolia) rescue

Just before Christmas I had a change to visit viherpaja and check out what kind trees they had to offer.

After 30 minutes of looking and walking around I saw these two trees.
Don't really know why did I pick that exposed-roots tree but the other one had nice bend in the trunk and I found it really interesting.
Unfortunately both were in really bad shape. So I asked one of the employees(I think he was the owner) how much the price could be lowered. I got off 20€ from both trees.

Back in home I re-potted both in to mix of cat litter and sieved cocopeat(something like 70%-30%) and but them in to clear plastic bag to recover.
After week both trees had new buds popping up here and there. Luckily only small branches had died and I would end up cutting almost all off anyway, so it was not a big deal.

For now I'll just let them grow till the growing season starts in here(end of April beginning May)and hopefully they are strong enough to start working with by then.

Here is the bend that I got so excited about :). Not really sure what I am going to do with this. Maybe I will tilt it 90 degrees and make it in to a raft or something.